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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 14, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>on the field and in the classroom today, a group of san francisco 49 ers took time away from getting ready for sunday's nfc championship game to read to some elementary school students in san jose as
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for the night from forced to leave to go says they stress that playing professional football would not be possible without a good education. >>the ability to read. >>as important as sunday's nfc championship game is between the san francisco 49 ers and the green bay packers these professional athletes keep perspective, cherishing an opportunity to inspire young people to reach their goals and literacy and success no hand in hand this is awesome to us to be role models and they see us and they know that the miners and they know how big the niners are. >>and just to just to see us i'm not even know who we are or weight gain fact that the to see i think it's just something for them to look at too to strive to want to be and i think it's just awesome to hear the players first read to a class of 30 kindergartners at san antonio elementary school in the san jose before spending time in individual tutoring sessions with second through 4th
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graders. >>the theme was literacy and equality ahead of martin luther king junior day they teamed up with the nonprofit reading partners to make the visit happen. the national assessment of educational progress as only 36% of 8th graders rank at or above the proficient achievement level and literacy across the country's excitement general of the 4 years a little big so hopefully when we say you know readings important nor the education is important that it's even home a little more because they know >>a 49 ers and the winners are winning zone to be like that and winning is what the team expects >>it may be that wouldn't be feeling this from the playoffs. change so, and it really is very still be in this game and they wouldn't be in it for the national football league without a good education. >>in san jose felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>well as another sad moment for bay area rate or fancy oakland raiders sign at the
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team headquarters in alameda came down today another reminder for fans of the team is moving to las vegas. the raiders play the last game in oakland last month and will play at their new home allegiance stadium later this year. meantime though we're that installation of the roof and that $2 billion raider football stadium in las vegas is months behind schedule, however officials still say it should be ready for the start of the next season, the city of oakland has a new program to combat illegal dumping its called oakland proud. >>the new program includes what they call a student baster program civilian enforcement officers and enhanced proactive pickup crews. mayor libby shaft tolls openers it's not enough to be proud of the city they must do proud by doing their part to keep the city clean. >>government cannot do it alone we do not have enough resources to be everywhere on every block keeping everything at the level of beauty and cleanliness that every oakland
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or deserves. >>their staff says it takes 3 e's to eliminate trash in the city education eradication and enforcement on illegal dumping student ambassadors from oakland high school and skyline high school are currently participating in the program say lawmakers say they are one step closer to closing a loophole in the law which tends to benefit drivers who are under the influence to leave the scene of an accident. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details. >>supporters of this bill had to wait almost a year to see it pass out of this committee, but they say tuesday's vote was worth the wait work i work i susan cladding tried to keep her composure as the assembly public safety committee unanimously passed a bill written in honor of her late husband, gavin it's just it's frankly pretty overwhelming and as i was hearing them though i just you very just something called central valley man gavin go adding was
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out jogging in 2018 when he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk unlicensed driver rogelio alvarez alvarez spent about a year in prison after being sentenced to 3 he was a bullet. >>and he was a prince of a husband father leader in our community. and he was and over left on the side of the road by that person. it killed him and instead of. calling 911 being a human being try to help this person survive taking the consequences like a decent human being this individual fled it stayed on the run for it score days. and as a result sobered up dui drivers who get caught in a fatal crash can face many more years in prison than those who leave the scene and sober up gavin's law aims to close the gap boosting the maximum prison sentence for deadly hit and run drivers from 4 years to 6 assemblyman jim patterson credits oozing weddings, tearful testimony last session
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for swain lawmakers to move forward the finish line. >>it is in sight, the bills next hurdle will be in the appropriations committee before it can land on the assembly floor reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>let's get another check of the weather on this tuesday night as give you a view of the studio again because you know the weather is nice and hear >>and davis standing by live picture with the latest for us days climate control in the studio but we do have a live picture though you're right about that ken's how about this u c berkeley would take a look at the east bay lit up nicely we can see clearly too to have fog issues developing to and i don't have rain right now the east we've got 30's for lows tonight. we have clear skies to start off and we'll get ambushed by some cloud cover really late tonight. but still will to see those temperatures fall and some frost and some of the inland areas to santa rosa 33 tonight. 37 antioch livermore 3435 for san jose so maybe some mid know whether very briefly early tomorrow, this of the storm everybody's talking about not just for the
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mountains, but also across the bay going on for your thursday morning. ill but further ahead of the niners doing a battle against the packers forecast calls for mostly sunny skies, temperatures near 60 that's not bad. and mostly sunny and mild and will be that having a break in the rain after we kind of finish things off on saturday of any potential threat with that. so let's take a look at the winds real quickly because they really outline this storm coming in winds build this will be late tomorrow night into thursday over early thursday morning. there you can see the line this about with a frontal is frontal boundary is right there at 06:00am sure battling not only heavy rain but also winds and the wind will shift direction from the south. coming in more of an onshore northwesterly flow behind all of that and breezy into your thursday, it looks like as far as the precipitation is concerned with that it times out the same as well right in the middle of rush hour boom there. it is 5.15. just a drop in across the bay behind it some moderate patches of rain
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but scattered showers with all of that as well just a quick check into the longer-range forecast. certainly know about thursday morning but later on saturday but that clears out and time for the niners game and then getting into next week maybe tuesday, another bout of rain and that its latter portion of the week. some rain tries to redevelop as well let's get to that 7 day forecast to rain in and out a slight warm-up on temperatures as we get into early next week back to you. they could aid coming up about 700,000 toyota 7 recall if you have a toyota. >>we'll tell you if your car made the list. >>plus one more day house speaker nancy pelosi will send over articles of impeachment to the senate tomorrow this as senate majority leader mitch mc
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>>in national news, the future of the impeachment trial of president trump appears clear now on capitol hill house speaker nancy pelosi is preparing to send the articles of impeachment to the senate tomorrow whitney wild has the latest from washington. >>house speaker nancy pelosi says a resolution sending articles of impeachment to the senate and naming the democrats who will lead the case against president trump will hit the house floor wednesday article. >>one is adopted. >>the decision comes after pelosi temporarily delayed that process for nearly 4 some democrats defended the choice which she wanted to see american people to understand that we needed to have a
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transparent process and that the trial must be fair republicans railed against it. >>they spent 4 weeks don't reading through their actions that impeachment, it's actually not that urgent on the other side of the hill senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is drafting trial rules which could include the option of quickly dismissing the charges. >>though the gop knows that present a political problem for vulnerable republicans facing reelection, i don't think they'll immediately dismiss that the senate should conduct a fair trial senate democrats still hope to call acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security adviser john bolton to testify. some republicans say they're open to witnesses, i'm comfortable with the clinton model which is we hear the opening arguments first. >>and then we'll have a vote on whether or not to have witnesses now washington we'll have to wait for mcconnell's next move. >>in washington with the wild kron 4 news. >>a push to get pregnant women
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more protections in the workplace moves one step closer to becoming law but it still may not make it to the president's desk, i'm
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>>across the country working conditions have long for some pregnant women out of their jobs on today house committee members voted to update a federal law that would make it easier for working women to get temporary accommodations during the pregnancy reporter
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just eaten or reports on the obstacles that still stand in the way. >>pregnant workers should not have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and financial stability, but organ congresswoman suzanne bonamici a mother herself says many pregnant women have to make that difficult choice because their employers won't meet their temporary needs and there's no federal law requiring them to when pregnant workers do not have access to the accommodations they need they are at risk of losing their job. tonight or promotion are not being hired in the first place the bipartisan pregnant workers fairness act would guarantee workplace protections for women during their pregnancies, mike more water breaks or less heavy lifting. tennessee congressman phil roe who was ennobled you why and for 3 decades supports the accommodations but says discrimination isn't comment. i could not remember a time when i said this patient needs to stop work or stop lifting a whatever that an employer to find that the major sticking point for rowan his fellow republicans as including exceptions for religious
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employers who for example may decide to fire a woman for getting pregnant outside of wedlock this very limited provision is already in current law. >>it allows religious organizations to make religiously based employment decisions, republican congresswoman virginia foxx tried to included in the bill but democrats like congresswoman alma adams support the legislation without the exception no longer will pregnancy prevent you from to your dreams as far as they can take you in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>for your money toyota has announced a safety recall that involves about 700,000 vehicles from 2018 2019 that recall includes certain lexus models toyota for runners camrys highlanders and other toyota be the vehicles, according to the automaker the fuel pumps on the vehicles could stop working and that could result in stalls and that could increase the risk of a crash. right now toyota says it's working on a fix and will notify the owners of affected vehicles by mail by mid-march to see if your vehicle is under recall visit
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to his website. toyota dot com slash recall more delays now and getting boeing's 7.37 max back in the air american airlines announced today that it will not put the aircraft back in service before early june and that will mean the cancellation a 140 flights every day on american until then. >>the company says those planes will be gradually work back into the schedule over the course of a month was it is certified. americans fleet of 7.37 max planes have been grounded since march after a second deadly crash involving that aircraft united airlines already announced plans to already announced plans to keep the 7.37 max on th ground until june. a woman is suing american airlines after she says an employee sent her suggestive text messages it happened while she was waiting for her flight at san diego international airport. the woman says the employee complimented her parents and offered her a better seat on the plane. the woman is now suing the airline for negligent hiring harassment
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stalking an emotional distress. american airlines responded to the lawsuit with a statement saying quote, american airlines takes the privacy and safety of our customers seriously we investigated the allegations and took appropriate action the employee involved in the complaint is no longer employed at american airlines. we should point out one thing that was missing from that story is that the guy got her name from her luggage tag and her address and phone number and is able to check exactly all right. >>in case you hadn't heard. this sunday, the 49 ers are facing the green bay packers in the nfc championship game in the niners recent success is reminding some fans of the team's glory days pass or say our stone found a local restaurant owner who made a sweet deal with the team back in 1981. >>and that you know yeah be too we're talking about the deal that restaurant owner tim harrison made with the san francisco 49 ers back in 1981. he said that if the niners held a rally at his canyon in
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restaurant in redwood city. the team and staff could all come in and eat for free when they since it was right down the street from the old practice facility and to myself do i really didn't have much to lose and only won 10 in 3 years, but then the team won 13 games surprised everyone, it went on to win super bowls in 8182. >>tim said he did not realize the staff was so large, but he loved every minute of it remembers everyone who came and cool all the coaches jersey rob to get rid last bill ring randy rodger gran what clark as for his memorabilia. >>he has quite the collection this sign is actually in the 40 in a museum where was 2 of one missing one that what women now serve on the santa clara both the size guys stole
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and i got one that comes to one out there is a reward for taken right out in front of the restaurant on whether rc on she was miss universe 1981 also dwight clark's girlfriend at the time yes at the time, but it all comes back to the rally and feeding the team that may called time magazine in an interview to us said we're going to write this article about the 40 niners, but only if they win the super bowl turned out that they so there's a little article here layers of another resists more free hamburgers from the kenyan but i think they'll get plenty of money now that back in those days of free food was kind kind of a nice thing j r stone kron 4 news. >>united thing go on a pass rusher nick bosa got a very
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special honor today marking table set you up for bay area sports night with some big news for the niners rookie coming out. it's pretty calm going on for tonight but we're going to be tackled by some storms all yeah thursday morning on your commute look at z3pgqz z1ncz
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y3pgqy y1ncy
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>>49 ers still the center the
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sports world and if you think we're running out of stories to talk about we're not just is from the survey area sports night. >>that's right the 49 ers had the day off. but like you said can there is always something to talk about with this team big headline of the day kate nick bosa named rookie of the year not just the defensive rookie of the year, but the overall rookie of the year we've seen his important all year long but how valuable is to the 40 niners defense a generational talent. yeah exactly i don't even say enough about what he means to this defense you can summarize about what happened when he went down got the wind knocked out of him for a brief moment during that vikings game all his teammates took a knee and the stadium was utterly silent. we know that the 49 ers can't afford to lose this guy is just one of those players. >>the other teams have to constantly be aware of where he is on the field we've seen in the rest quarterbacks all season long he plays like a guy who's been in the league for 5 years exactly an offense is a offensive coordinators getting headaches trying to game plan for this guy you see the way how opposing teams to try to send 2 or 3 blocker and
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against him so really i'm a believer we'll be talking about the upcoming nfc championship game 49 ers packers analyzing entire matchup x's and o's bay area sports night 7 o'clock on the kron on app so that you can impair alright seen a few thanks guys does check in with dave on the weather. >>ok guys going to be chilly watch those temperatures wide shot here coming from the golden gate bridge by the way were fairly clear for now, but that will change later on but some cloud cover sneaking on in here. still expect some scattered frost going on lower 40's, it looks like by 9 o'clock overnight lows. wow get the club's out maybe even mittens and some of those inland valleys just a touch. here's a live shot from downtown san francisco looking fairly clear at that let's get to when the storms getting in here tomorrow somewhat uneventful temps in the 50's if you stray showers in the north bay wow, perfect timing 5.30 the height of rush hour traffic here it comes winds heavy rains behind it will be scattered showers for much of your thursday for tonight 41
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going on for san francisco, 39 oakland, san jose 35. some of the forecast we've got 50's going on for the next couple of days by the time we get to next week that will be nudging into some lower 60's with you but it will be unsettled to finish off much of this week all right, thank you dave, thank you be with us today on our news at 6 o'clock we will see tonight at 8 o'clock with updates on what's going on with the moms who are at the house that went to jail now they're out. >>we'll let you know is going on to see them have a good night.
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